HIMSS 2015 is upon us


With HIMSS 2015 right around the corner, could there be a better time to start a blog on health information and communications technology? I suspect not. For those who are unaware, HIMSS stands for the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (another abbreviation!).

Once a year, HIMSS holds a conference that brings the best of the best in various industries that are “transforming health through information technologies.” This year is no different and will be held on April 12-16th in Chicago, IL. Over 35,000 professionals are attending to educate, network, and innovate.

Each year followers and attendees of the event are shown the newest technologies, cutting edge research, and the wild and crazy ideas that someday might turn to reality. It’s an event for industry and thought leaders to show off their new products, give a peak into their R&D pipelines, or simply to share and iterate on ideas that are shaping the field.

If you’d like to take part in the events but cannot make the trip to Chicago (like myself), this year HIMSS is offering an online virtual package for $49 allowing you live and on demand access to many of the learning opportunities being held over the next week. I’m registered and hope to update the blog with a variety of headlines stemming from the conference. I have highlighted sessions after the jump that will touch on aspects of ICT in personalized healthcare.


4/14/2015 – 8:30 AM CT – Keynote with Bruce D. Broussard
He will detail the key role technology plays in consumer-driven innovation, describing how healthcare is becoming increasingly democratized through the explosion of mobile devices and sophisticated data analytics, resulting in the emergence of a wide variety of alternate care delivery sites that respond to consumers’ wants and need.
4/14/2015 – 1:00 PM CT – What Do Consumers Really Want from Personal Health IT?
4/16/2015 – 10:30 AM CT – Advancing Telemedicine through an Adoption Model
This session will review an organization’s developed nomenclature system and adoption framework that can be used to categorize an institution based on its maturity level around telemedicine services.

medtechpress note: nomenclature again?

4/13 – 4/16 – 8:00AM – 5:00PM CT – Uncharted Meaningful Use Territory: Patient Portal Rollout
4/13 – 4/16 – 8:00AM – 5:00PM CT – Use of Smart Devices and Mobiles to Track Health Visits
Prevention and regular monitoring of the health vitals will help people identify health changes early and seek advice. Smart wearable devices, mobiles can help one track health vitals and push for early detection and prevention.

Hope to see some of you in the online chats!



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